When you doubt the quality of your website copy

The struggle is real!

Whether you’re a web designer or any other creative business owner, writing your own website copy is tough.

I currently have four unfinished website drafts for www.hannah-gibson.co.uk sitting in my Google Drive — I really need to join some kind of support group for overthinkers anonymous, haha.

(Update: You can read the copy I actually finished here Gibson Copy)

Anyway, back to the topic.

Website copy is different from any other business writing. It has a very specific job to do. It’s there to lead the reader through the different web pages until they finally click ‘call’ ‘contact’ or ‘buy now’. That’s why I call my writing ‘clickable copy’ — it’s targeted and gets the job done.

There are some ‘rules’ for website copywriting you can learn. Like where the features and benefits should be discussed and how to hook the reader — to name a couple. In the main, it all comes down to clarity.

Why all this fuss over website copy Hannah?

Because your website is the ‘hub’ that all roads lead back to (from social media, Google and advertising), if you get it wrong, you’re literally losing money. All of that hard-earned traffic lost at the final hurdle.

That’s is why it’s so important to get it right, but at the same time, the pressure of getting it right seems to make people literally lose their mind (me included).

Writing for someone else’s business, for me, is no problem. The clarity that comes with a fresh perspective and new eyes is a wonderful thing.

Yet when I write my own web copy, I doubt my ability to be clear because it’s impossible to see my own business with fresh eyes. I’m looking at it every day.

The solution?

We need someone who’s experienced in writing ‘clickable copy’ to LISTEN to our goals, REVIEW our website copy and TEACH us exactly how and where to improve it.

Just imagine for a second how great that would be. You write the copy yourself, then get an experienced copywriter to tell you if it’s good enough AND show you how to improve it.

How do I get that Hannah?

Well, that’s exactly what I deliver during my 1-2-1 website copy review & consultation sessions. During a 60-minute call, you get over seven years of website copywriting knowledge right there in front of you — not just fresh eyes, but trained website copywriter eyes.

Plus you can ask me anything. This is personalised support, and I pack as much value into 60-min as possible, so you’ll leave with everything you need to write ‘clickable’ website copy yourself —

And clickable copy means more leads and sales for you.

This is INVALUABLE to anyone who doubts the quality of their website copy. Because the clarity and confidence I bring will seep into all of your copy, not just your website.

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Dr Hannah Gibson

Lead Copywriter & Founder of Gibson Copy

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