Your website copy  optimised for high-value clients in one day

This is for you if you want more high-value enquiries through your website but don’t necessarily need a full copywriting package.

Hire a conversion copywriter (yours truly) for a full day of copy editing and optimisation. Get more clicks without waiting around.

Hannah Gibson Copy Consultant

You need help, but not an entire website rewrite

You know how important good copy is for the success of your website. And you’ve probably tried hard to come up with something that “Sounds good”.

But there’s still something missing. Sales.

The problem is, “Sounding good” and converting readers into red-hot leads are two very different things.

And if you’re reading this thinking, “Hannah, I can’t even make it sound good!”

Don’t worry. If you’re a good writer who needs more sales, I can help. If you’re someone who’s completely out of their depth with “This writing thing”, I can also help. I meet you wherever you’re at and take your copy to the next level.

Convert more readers into customers. Make more money.

Get the VIP treatment when you hire me for a FULL day of copy editing. It doesn’t matter if you have two pages or twenty. I’ll help you convert more readers into high-value customers for the same one-off investment.

VIP Copy Optimisation Day: £997

Want to attract and engage more high-value customers through your website? 

Get my full attention on your copy for an entire day. After meeting over Zoom for 30 minutes in the morning, I’ll have everything I need to work on optimising your website copy for sales. And while I’m working? You can get on with your to-do list—without interruption.

Later that same day, we’ll meet again to talk through the changes I’ve made. After that, I’ll work through any revisions and proofread the final version. You’ll receive your finished copy in the evening, ready to publish.

How does it work?

Pick a date for the VIP day and get booked in. Then, all you need to do is wait for our 9 am kick-off call (on VIP day).
Attend your afternoon Review and Learn Session at a time that’s convenient for you (usually between 4 pm and 6 pm on VIP day).
 Receive your optimised website copy later in the evening after we’ve proofread it.

What you get

30-minute kick-off call where I dig deep to understand your business, target audience, USP and website goals. You’ll leave this session feeling excited!
30-minute Review and Learn session where I’ll explain everything I’ve done during the day and cover any revisions. This call is also your opportunity to ask questions and learn more about why I’ve made the edits I have.
 My attention on your website copy for a full day with minimal time investment from you. All I need from you is the copy and for you to show up to two 30-minute calls.
 Anything from two to twenty pages of copy optimised by me. We will discuss your exceptions during our initial chat.

It's quick

This option is brilliant for anyone with a tight timeline. My full copywriting projects are booked several weeks in advance, then you would wait two to three weeks for the copy. But with a VIP day, providing you’ve got copy I can work with, you could be attracting more high-value customers by the end of the week!

Save time when you book a VIP day

You’ll learn A LOT

If you’re interested in marketing, you can learn so much during our VIP day. I have a reputation for asking deep questions that help you think differently about your business. And you can also ask me questions during the Learn and Review session later in the day (bonus!). My priority is to ensure you leave with more copy clarity than when we started. If that means going deep with your questions, so be it. 

Learn cool copywriting stuff when you book a VIP day
  • ★★★★★

    "Helped me improve my business"

    Very helpful and insightful service that helped me improve my business. We will be using Hannah on an ongoing basis from now on. Recommended without hesitation.

    Malcolm Roberts, LPA Now
  • ★★★★★

    "Fantastic service"

    Fantastic service. Great communication, friendly team and delighted with the results. 
    Would definitely recommend working with Gibson Copy.

    Emily Holt, Empowered Nutrition
  • ★★★★★

    "Easy and efficient with clear communication"

    Hannah is a delight to work with! She and her team made the process easy, efficient with clear communication and insightful copy that I love!

    Judy Bigham, JB Web Studio

The quickest way to get more high-value website enquiries

If you think this service might be a good fit for you, it probably is! But there’s no harm in having a chat before you buy. 
Book a call now to discuss the scope of the work with me. I’ll review your current website copy and let you know if you’re a good fit for this service. I’ll also chat through the pros and cons of copyediting vs a full copywriting service. 
Book a call now and finally get website copy that turns visitors into high-value customers.