Words from our happy clients

Here is a selection of testimonials from happy clients. To see more, visit Hannah's LinkedIn profile or Google Business profile

Niraj Kapur

Owner at Everybody Works In Sales


I was recommended to James and Hannah at Gibson Copy through my website designer. I like the work they had done with other clients. Once I met Hannah, I felt she understood what I wanted to achieve with my busines - and her and James worked the way I wanted them to; efficiently, meeting deadlines on time and matching what my customers need. I can't wait to share their work and my new website to the world.

Sharla Mize

Therapist at Shala Mize Therapy


Hannah and her team were very knowledgeable and helpful in writing the copy for my mental health services website. I was very pleased with how she took my words and made something professional, precise, and marketable for my pages.

Rochel Siegel, CPA

Owner at Maxwealth Accounting Inc


Hannah has a great writing style. She was able to highlight all my selling points without sounding aggressive or salesy. This was the exact style I was looking for. Hannah has a smooth and focused process. Prior to our discussion she sent me a detailed questionnaire which helped me focus and explain who my audience is, what services I provide, and how my services will assist them with accomplishing their goals . The work was delivered on a timely fashion and her rates are affordable. I highly recommend her.

Sue Pamment

Web Designer at The Website Chef


I wanted to say a very deep thank you for your help with the content for my website. I launched it today and couldn’t be happier that your words captured what I could/would never say about me. You got the tone just right. I've received compliments on how clear my site is. My graphic artist created some spectacular drawings to illustrate the site and I am thrilled with the way your words and her drawings came together. I’m so glad you reached out to me on LinkedIn and hope I can send more business your way.

Steve Mark

Founder & Director at Sherpa Digital Marketing Ltd


I've only started working with Hannah recently, having been introduced through a mutual contact. Hannah has done some writing work for me on my website and the whole process has been smooth and professional. She's a delight to work with. Work was delivered on schedule and to a high standard. If you're looking to have the stress of copywriting taken away from you, or if you're looking to get projects completed faster then Hannah can help. I'll definitely be using her services again in the very near future. Highly recommended.

Rachel Katibian

SEO Strategist & Web Designer at Rachel's Web Solutions


It was an absolute pleasure collaborating with Hannah on a website project.

Her copy was spot-on and delivered on time, and it was so enjoyable to work with her.

Definitely recommend her!

Ian Watson

Owner at It'seeze Twickenham


I worked with Hannah on a client project where content on the website was very important. The client was struggling a little to get the right tone and call to action statements. Hannah was quick to understand the client's business and came up with copy that fitted the bill perfectly. Hannah was a pleasure to deal with and the client is delighted with the final results.

Jane Langof

Feng Shui Master at Feng Shui Concepts


Hannah is an excellent web copywriter and I highly recommend her services. Hannah is professional, friendly, helpful and a great communicator. She takes time to understand her clients needs, really cares about her work and delivers a great result. I think Hannah is a copywriting star!

Raeanne Dimick

Owner & Web Designer at Shaka Designs


I was struggling to write my website copy and about to pull my hair out. It can be difficult when you’re writing about yourself, at least it is for me. I knew in my head what I wanted to say and convey but I just couldn’t put it into words. Instead of continually trying to force the result I was looking for, I reached out to Hannah.

She was incredibly thorough in her questions and truly took the time to clearly understand who my ideal client is. I had recently pivoted my ideal client and Hannah wanted to be sure we were “speaking their language”.

When Hannah delivered the first draft I was so impressed, it was near perfect. She asked if I needed any changes and we chatted about one specific section I felt was speaking from a place of my “old” ideal client. Hannah simply said, “Leave it with me” and made some tweaks. When she returned the final draft I was blown away. It was absolutely perfect.

She was able to convey everything I wanted to say that I had tried so hard to do myself. She totally nailed my voice and my ideal client.

I will definitely be working with Hannah again and again! She is my go to for all of my web design clients, I’m lucky to have her as part of my team.

Kerstin Gruenling

Brand and Personal Brand Photographer at Ciorstain-Photography


I recently signed up to Hannah’s beta version of her new course “ Write your website copy in 5 days Honestly - it was amazing!!! With her workbooks and tasks every day, Hannah provided an amazing system and process to totally achieve the outcome she promised!

The workbooks were clear, easy to understand with spot on tips and guidance to follow her step by step process.

We had daily support with live calls, where we could ask our questions. Hannah was making something that daunting and huge like writing your web copy easy. Her process is ingenious and simple to follow, whilst everything is covered:

From an in depth questionnaire at the beginning, to get into the right mindset, through planning the site structure, headlines and content, writing and editing it up to the last step of proof reading.

I learned so much and felt so much more confident in writing my own copy. I actually even enjoyed it …. Hannah - the course vastly exceeded my expectations and I knew you were good before I signed up for it ?

I have now a fabulous document to hand over to my web designer and I feel happy about it - how amazing is that?

I cannot recommend the course highly enough to anyone who is feeling stuck here and/or who doesn’t want to hire a copy writer.

I even dare to say that this course might even be better than hiring a copy writer - as we know best what our business is about and Hannah provides so many clear pointers that - when you follow them - you cannot go wrong … and hey - this all in 5 days spending hardly more than 2 hours each …

AMAZING!! Thank you Hannah - you are a star!