Help to write clear, customer-focused website copy

Over two 60 minute sessions, learn how to structure your content, overcome writer's block, and clearly communicate a strong message to drive sales.

Save time, improve quality and boost sales.

Sometimes, you’re the best person to write your own website copy —especially if you enjoy writing.

However, with so many ideas racing around your head, writer's block is a real problem. You'll probably procrastinate (we all do). And you'll struggle to write clear persuasive copy that sells —because you're not a highly trained copywriter. 

The good news is, with help from a pro, you’ll be able to make sense of your thoughts and write clear, sales-focused web copy in no time at all. 

Hannah Gibson
Hannah Gibson Copy Consultant

Dr Gibson will see you now!

Two sixty minute copy consultation sessions with Hannah: £500

This service is perfect for banishing blank page syndrome, speeding up the writing process, and understanding exactly what to write to have dream customers eager to buy from you. Here’s how it works:

First Zoom session

  • We'll talk about you, your website goals and the people you want more leads and sales from.
  • I'll ask questions to uncover what you're struggling with so I can work out how best to help.
  • I'll give you some detailed tips and advice on what you need to write and the best process for writing. 

Second Zoom call

  • Send me your copy 24 hours before our second call so that I've had time to read it.
  • During the call, we'll have a chat about what you found difficult so I can give you bespoke advice. 
  • I'll then give my feedback on the copy and give you further direction on how to improve it for sales. 

Why trust me?

Since 2019, I've helped hundreds of business owners overcome copywriting challenges and boost enquiries. It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced writer or a complete newbie; my unique super skill is meeting people where they are now and lifting them to the next level!

But don't just take my word for it—I have loads of testimonials on both my Linkedin and Google pages, and you can also view some here on my testimonial page

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